___where the HELL is my prozac___

Welcome Teeth-Petters!

Teeth-petting AKA gum-grooming, is a hobby yet to be addressed on the interweb. This is a shame for the large groups of people out there who enjoy this healthy fetish & are forced to keep their beautiful secret to themselves.

After a history of palate-poking behind closed doors, awareness is now growing rapidly & after an inevitable celebrity endorsement (if you’re reading, Miss Amy Winehouse…Julia Roberts…?) will be sure to become as common as the yoyo.
To educate the majority who have not heard of this activity, teeth-petting is the act of the petter, stroking the pettee’s teeth with a well lubricated finger/s or even a petting instrument for the more experimental amongst us. Some teeth-petting extremists even go for the challenge of stroking the teeth of toothy creatures such as crocodiles (see movie here) or the shiny gums of the two-toed sloth!

The easiest way to approach your first time depends on your target.
Try reaching for the molars of a friend on the bus, a partner during lovemaking or a colleague at a board-meeting. It’s also an excellent icebreaker for making new friends!
The pleasure that’s sure to ensue will create a lasting impression & you can be proud to be known as a teeth-petter.

To celebrate the upcoming World Teeth-Petting Day (check local guides), here are some photos from my Brick Lane Sickboy street art collection. (He digs gums)

Happy petting!!

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