___where the HELL is my prozac___

Hello Haiku!
March 14, 2007, 11:51 pm
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I`m sure none of you have been the slightest bit concerned that your nonsensical narrator may have fallen off the face of the earth several months ago, consequently resulting in a lack of fine* material during this period… and if anyone was in fact worried, they`re now breathing a sigh of relief as I obviously must still be in reach of an internet connection & therefore did not experience any gravitational phenomena.

That being said, as I now travel the globe & manage to find time between some serious holidaying, i.e. whenever it rains, I will endeavour to post more fantastic*, excellent* & stupendously* brilliant* stuff .

It`s only partly cloudy today so I`ll leave you with some “Hello I`m back” haiku. Until next time, enjoy.

Traffic Lights

Man on my chassis

Funding his junkie habits

Wipes clean my windscreen.

Calling Home

Dialling numbers

An international call

I`m still dialling!

The Golf Ball

Enclosed in whiteness

Break me free from spherical

Freedom with your wood


Hey look it`s egg time!

Excreted chicken product

Yolk drips off my chin

Beware the Dreaded Clown Monkey

Elusive devil

Wicked little clown monkey

But damn you`re so cute!

*Adjectives have been changed to protect the author`s dignity & in no way represent an actual portrayal of the said material`s quality


Happy High Herbivore
June 16, 2006, 5:03 pm
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Herbs, herbs you are such wonderful things,

thyme, basil, sage & spring onion.

 I buy you from my local store,

or on the net, delivered to my door.

 Exotic herbs from everywhere,

if not for all the customs there.

 Mushrooms, poppy or datura,

mandrake, kava, cuppa yerba?

 HB woodrose, marijuana,

voacanga africana!

 Yes herbs, you are such wonderful things!

You friendly, fun hallucinogens!