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Bad case of the dropspots
November 1, 2006, 12:17 pm
Filed under: Bounty, Hunting, Smack my ass and call me Susie, Treasure, Trinkets

Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? That’s right! Some of you! Well all you others, get out your trinkets because this site has taken treasure hunting worldwide.

Here’s the deal…Find a hidey-hole in your local park or back-alley that renegade scavengers won’t discover & stash something like a CD given to you by an ex who thought she/he knew your musical tastes, vintage rainbow asparagus from China or an object far more interesting.

Take a photo of the general area. Hidey-hole

Go to dropspots.org, mark your dropspot on the satellite map & post your photo along with a hint on finding the bounty.

Sit back & bask in the glory that is the unknown delight/disappointment the finder shall be subjected to.

The only condition, & subsequently the joy of the whole concept, is when locating a dropspot, the finder must replace their discovery with another uncertain article.

Hidey-hole2It’s still very new & content is minimal but as usual the idea’s taking off in the US like they’ve got nothing better to do. So spread the word like the legs of your beloved because there’s stuff to be found & I’ll be damned if I’m gonna get hyped-up for nothing!